Disposable vapes have been a controversial product addition to vape shops. On one hand they were very convenient being the simplest device to use. And on the other hand they were very expensive and created a lot of garbage.

Disposables were such a great way to try vaping for those smokers who were not sure if vaping was right for them. As well for people going places where they did not want to take there device. IE Camping, Downtown for a night of drinking ect ect. They were a great option because if you lost it or broke it. It wasn’t a big deal.

But on the other hand, for those who were using them regularly. They tended to be very expensive. Typically around $10 for 1.2-2ml of liquid compared to STLTH (Disposable pod but rechargeable battery) being $16 for 6mls and 30mL bottles for refillable devices ranging from $15-$20.  They were also very wasteful throwing out batteries every day. Where a rechargeable battery could last someone a year.

Over the last couple of months we offered disposables in our store. But informed our customers on the benefits of switching over to a rechargeable battery system. Mostly because it would save them a lot of money in the long run. But recently we have made the decision to pull our disposables off the shelf.

Too often were we having customers coming back to the store saying that there device wasn’t working out of the box. We would open the device up to check that the liquid was not used up. And it seemed that the batteries were dying before the customers would even get the product.

Altho we love to see our customers. We did not enjoy having them come back 5 times in a row before they got a disposable that worked.

Also to bridge the gap between disposable systems and rechargeable systems we have decided to put the STLTH Device on sale for $10 (Regular price $20) to allow customers to get a better system for less.


Check out all STLTH has to offer @ https://vallhundvapes.com/collections/stlth

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