Slurp – Vallhund Vapes


Blue - The people behind Slurp Blue spent a lot of time getting the perfect blue raspberry extract to recreate the experience minus the brain freeze you would typically get.

Orange - You may have guessed it already, Orange is an Orange slurpee! C-plus? Orange Crush? Whichever one it is, it tastes phenomenal

Purple - Purple has a very sweet and natural taste to it to avoid it being too contrived as if it was freshly picked from the vines and squeezed into a bottle. Just perfect down to the last drop!

Red - This isn’t your typical cherry this is the same legit cherry flavor you’ve come to enjoy in candies and not the one you can find in cough syrups.

White - Slurp White is a mysterious tropical blend of fruits. It’s something you would have to test and figure out! It’s absolutely superb!

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