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Black Mamba

Bite by Black Mamba

Bite by Black Mamba

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Nicotine Strength
Flavours: Black Currant, Apple, Peach
Introducing BITE BY BLACK MAMBA e-liquids, a delicious and unique blend of sweet and sour apple, ripe peach, and sour black currant. The sweet and sour apple provides a balanced taste of sweet and tangy notes, while the ripe peach gives a juicy and sweet taste. The sour black currant adds a subtle tartness that complements the other flavours perfectly. The result is a complex and satisfying vaping experience that is perfect for fruit lovers who enjoy a mix of sweet and sour flavours. It's available in various nicotine strength options, Perfect for an all-day vape, and a must-try for those who love sweet, juicy and tangy flavours.

Comes in a 30 ml bottle

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